Robert J. Szabo has been a photographer for more than 40 years. A native of Ohio, Robert made his living as a portrait photographer, but also studied the history of photography. He is now immersed in the almost forgotten collodion wet-plate photographic process introduced in 1851, which was the process used by most of the photographers who documented the Civil War. His skill produces modern artistic images using 19th century methods.

Robert has exhibited his work extensively at historic sites across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wyoming and California with the National Park Service.

Mr. Szabo's wet plate images have appeared on the covers of National Geographic and Parade magazines, and he worked with the History Channel for their series, Ten Days that Changed America, in 2005. He has more recently been working with Fox News on their Legends and Lies series.

Robert Szabo at Yosemite, California in 2003

Robert is now living in Montpelier, Virginia. He is available for commissioned work, lectures and workshops.

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